Pregnancy Nutrition: There's NO SUCH THING As BAD FAT!!!

Published: 16th September 2009
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Earlier this week I read yet another pregnancy article on the role of "good" and "bad" fats in the pregnancy diet and how we should be avoiding all saturated fat and opting for mono-unsaturated fats instead because of their ability to lower "bad cholesterol".

Yet again I sighed in despair at another outdated article quoting scientific research from the dark ages. If you've read any of my other articles you'll know that far from saying what people want to hear and being all PC about things, I say what I think and what I strive to bring you is up to the minute, accurate factual information that you can use to maximise your pregnancy health and fitness.

So let me tell you the truth of this age old myth that cholesterol and saturated fats are bad for you;


The truth: Cholesterol can turn rancid and cause inflammation - IF OXIDISED. Guess what, so can Omega 3 Fatty Acids!

Cholesterol is essential for tissue repair and building your baby's cell membranes. It acts like superglue for cells and without it yours and your baby's cells would fall apart.

8 out of the 9 experts who reccomend low cholesterol are on the board of the major pharmaceutical companies who manufacture cholesterol lowering drugs, (which cause even more problems, but I'll save that one for another day!).

Breastmilk has the HIGHEST proportion of cholesterol than ANY other food, (still think cholesterol is bad for you?)

Dietary cholesterol has been proven to have NO effect on the body's cholesterol levels.So telling us to avoid cholesterol to reduce the risk of heart disease is like reccommending that you remove the brain to reduce the risk of Alzheimers. Ludicrous.

2) Saturated Fats Are Good Fats!

We NEED saturated fat in our diet. In fact if we were truly to avoid all saturated fat then we'd all have to become vegans as most saturated fat comes from animal produce.

Saturated fats build your baby's cells and hormones

Saturated fats are the carrier for the fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E and K

Saturated fat builds and develops your baby's brain

Saturated fat converts carotene to Vitamin A

Saturated fat is the preferred fuel for the heart

Saturated fat prevents cancer

Saturated fat is an antiviral agent (useful with all this Swine Flu going about, wouldn't you say?)

Saturated fat also stimulates the immune system - who wants to get sick during pregnancy?

So having good quality saturated fat in your pregnancy diet is pretty essential right?

In fact all naturally sourced fats are essential as we need different fats to perform different functions in our bodies. Omega 3 and Omega 6 reduce the risk of low birth weight and premature birth, plus act as anti-inflammatories and help build the brain and connective tissue, triglycerides promote healthy skin, hair, nails, insulate the body, protect the organs from shock and promote healthy cell function.

Oh yeah and did I mention that 30% of your oestrogen comes from fat?

So there is no such thing as BAD FAT!

Kind of....

Manufactured and processed fats such as vegetable oil, margarine and the processed rubbish used to bulk out ready meals, sweets (candies), and biscuits (cookies), ARE bad fat. But this is because of the manufacturing process.

Any food that has been chemically altered by manufacturing is considered a toxin by your body and all of these denatured foods will cause disease and disruption to your body's biochemistry.

So, for a healthy pregnancy diet you should be sticking to wholesome, natural nutritionally supportive foods, with a wide variety of animal proteins, fish, and fruits, vegetables and whole grains (not wheat), in balanced quantities. INCLUDING FAT!


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